Cloudways Tech Savvy Managed Cloud Hosting Giveaway

Cloudways Tech Savvy Managed Cloud Hosting Giveaway

Cloud hosting offers fast, affordable hosting that is easily scaled for any size website. Sounds awesome. Want to give it a try? Well now is your chance – Cloudways has generously given us 10 (ten) $25 hosting credits to giveaway to our readers. Just use the rafflecopter widget to enter, then keep reading to learn a bit more about all the awesome things Cloudways has going on right now.

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Cloudways: Cutting Edge Cloud Hosting

If you’re looking for top of line, cutting edge, high tech cloud hosting then Cloudways was tailor made for you. We’ve talked about them before in our Cloudways managed cloud hosting review where we covered the features of their plans and showed you just how easy it is to get your website setup in the cloud.

Cloudways Timeline

Cloudways is much more than just a cloud hosting service – they’re at the forefront of hosting technology. Taking a look at their timeline for this year alone shows you how much they’ve accomplished in their quest to provide customers with the best cloud hosting possible. Here are a few of our favorite upgrades Cloudways has made in 2016.

Free SSL via Let’s Encrypt

Let's Encrypt Free SSL

The first standout feature was the early adoption of Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL. You’ve probably seen this feature mention on other WordPress blogs before. Let’s Encrypt offers free SSL certificates to websites in an effort to make https the norm. Cloudways makes implementing a free SSL certificat easy with a built-in section for Let’s Encrypt in their application manager. Just add your email plus domain name and follow the onscreen prompts. The whole process takes just a few minutes but offer your readers the comfort of using a secure website.

CloudwaysBot Friendly Reminders


Ever wish there was someone to walk you through server setup? Or to remind you about updates? That’s what the CloudwaysBot is – the personal web assistant you’ve always wanted. It’s a helpful little thing that can notify you of server status and alerts (like WordPress updates, website downtime and more) as well as keep the rest of your team informed (it fully integrates with Slack, HipChat, email and custom APIs).

PHP-FPM Super Speed


Website speed is a major focus for many website owners, and while there are plenty of ways to speed up WordPress or implement a CDN ultimately your website will only be as fast as your server. Cloudways currently uses PHP-FPM which promises up to 3x faster website performance. Now I’m not very server-savvy, but according to Cloudways:

The major advantage of PHP-FPM is that it relies on the concept of pool management. Each pool of PHP-FPM can be viewed as a full instance of PHP, having a configuration, limit and restrictions of its own.

These “PHP pools” are what makes running applications (like WordPress) on Cloudways’ servers fast, scalable and secure.

HTTP/2 on Lock


HTTP/2 was another huge step forward Cloudways took earlier in the year. With HTTP/2 all of your server requests for resources (images, styling, fonts and other scripts) can be processed as a single request. This can significantly improve page load time by simplifying communication with your server. Cloudways also made activating HTTP/2 as easy as clicking a button (literally, you jsut need to enable it from your dashboard).

Kyup Container Scalable Hosting

Kyup Container Hosting

The most recent tech implemented by Cloudways was the introduction of Kyup Container hosting. What’s that you ask? It’s the newest cloud hosting provider supported by Cloudways. Kyup is a scalable, modular cloud hosting option. It’s main advantage is that you can scale up and down in seconds with no downtime. This is a huge advantage for websites that see significant traffic spikes, such as trendy/viral news blogs or e-commerce stores offering promotions.

Plus More to Come

This is just a glance at what Cloudways has been doing (you can learn more in their blog), and I’m sure there’s lots more to come.

Cloudways 20% Off First Month

Cloudways is having an e-commerce spree! Right now you can use code ECOMM20 to save 20% on your first monthly invoice for cloud hosting from Cloudways, plus a FREE site migration. Offer ends soon.

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So, what do you think of Cloudways? Did any of their tech peak your interest or spark any questions? Leave a comment – we’d love to hear your thoughts or give you some answers. And as always – thanks for reading!

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