Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: October 2016

Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: October 2016

If you’re in the market for some useful functionality for your WordPress website, you’re in the right place. Every month, we share the best new WordPress plugins released on CodeCanyon.

October saw a whopping 130+ new plugins hit the marketplace. Today, we’ve narrowed that list to just five. This post compiles a varied list of functionalities, each costing under $25. This means there should be a plugin for all types of websites and all budgets.

Here we go then, the five best premium plugins released in October. In no particular order…



Let’s kick things off with iPhotor, a cool new plugin that lets you edit your photos from the convenience of the WordPress dashboard.

To start, you can use iPhotor to crop, resize, zoom, flip, and rotate your images. However, this functionality is just the tip of the iceberg. Simply put: iPhotor lets you create stunning, eye-catching images.

The iPhotor dashboard comes with the ability to add text, icon, or drawing layers to your images, with just a click of the mouse.


You can also play around with an image’s brightness, saturation, and contrast, to make sure it’s just right. There are tools for smoothing skin and blurring photos, too.

Best of all, you can add stylish borders, filters, and overlays to your images. There are ten presets, allowing you to enjoy gorgeous images in just a few clicks. If, however, you’d prefer to edit your images manually, there are hundreds of filters you can apply – all of them look great.


To summarize: iPhotor is an awesome tool for photographers who want a quick and easy way to edit their images. With so many presets and one-click filters, it’s also a great tool for bloggers who want unique images – great for branding – with minimal fuss. The plugin is a steal at just $19.

WooCommerce Unlimited Upsell


Any eCommerce store owner will tell you that making a sale is hard work. However, when you’ve successfully convinced someone to buy, maximizing their order value can be the difference between a thriving online store and impending failure.

This is why upsells are so important to online stores. By offering products related to a customer’s purchase – or upgrades – you encourage them to part with more money. And that’s the aim of the game, right?

The WooCommerce Unlimited Upsell plugin does exactly what it says: it offers upsells for WooCommerce stores. These upsells are targeted based on the customer’s shopping cart contents and deployed when they reach the checkout screen.

Upsells are displayed in stylish pop-ups, which can be customized using intuitive drag-and-drop. There is also a mobile-optimized pop-up for customers on smaller devices.

WooCommerce Unlimited Upsell also supports conditional logic for upsells, plus the plugin tracks the upsell conversion rate. With a price tag of $25, this plugin has the potential to generate an immediate return on investment.

Material – White Label WordPress Admin Theme


Material is one of the most versatile admin customization plugins available. It’s perfect for anyone looking to reinforce their branding by white labeling their clients’ dashboards.

Now, there are plenty of great WordPress white label plugins out there, but very few can compete with Material in terms of quantity of designs. Material ships with 100 pre-built admin templates. Here’s a screenshot of one in action – it barely resembles the default WordPress admin screen at all, right?


Each template can be endlessly customized, too. For starters, you can play around with fonts, colors, and layouts. However, Material lets you customize every element of the page – from the sidebar, to the top bar, to the dashboard widgets. You can also build your own admin theme from scratch.

Talking of dashboard widgets, Material also comes with a custom set of 20, extending the ones built into the WordPress core. These dashboard widgets offer an insight into your website’s performance, with widgets tracking stats such as number of visitors, visitor locations, and visitor devices.

Finally, you can also use Material to build a custom login page. Here’s a screenshot of the demo login page – looks gorgeous, right? And again, it barely resembles WordPress – true white labeling.


Material is available at a great price of $22, exclusively on CodeCanyon.

Post Custom Templates Pro


If you love your theme but you’re unhappy with the design of its single post templates, drag-and-drop page builders are the go-to solution. As effective as they are at their job, there can be a fairly steep learning curve, plus it’s quite labor intensive to get the designs just right.

Post Custom Templates Pro is an excellent alternative to the page builder plugins. It specifically targets redesigning blog posts, shipping with 18 gorgeous templates. If you feel the templates still need some tweaking, each is fully customizable. The plugin lets you add the following elements to your blog posts:

  • Related posts
  • Image sliders
  • Tabs
  • Author info
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Comments
  • Ads
  • Custom sidebar
  • Post reviews
  • Meta data

When you’re happy, you can overwrite your theme’s settings and roll out your new blog post template site wide. Or, if you’d prefer more flexibility, you can create a default template on a category-by-category basis.

Post Custom Templates Pro is compatible with any WordPress theme and costs just $19.

WPML Redirect Based on IP Country


If you run a multilingual website, ensuring visitors access content in the correct language is task one.

WPML is undisputed King of the multilingual plugins. However, it isn’t perfect. For a start, it will detect a visitor’s browser language, then auto-redirect them to content in this language. This is hardly ideal:

  • Many internet users won’t have a clue how to change their browser language.
  • Some visitors won’t want to view the content in their browser’s language.

The solution to this conundrum is simple: the WPML Redirect Based on IP Country extension, available for $14.

As the extension’ name implies, it uses a visitor’s IP address to determine their location and their most likely preferred language. However, the plugin avoids auto-directing a visitor – perhaps they’re on vacation and can’t speak the local tongue. Instead, the plugin displays a simple pop-up asking if the visitor would like the content to be switched to their location’s native language.


This approach will make your multilingual website far more user-friendly. An intuitive configuration screen lets you specify which language you want as the default for each location. And, should you wish, you can override the pop-up and automatically change the visitor’s language – after all, sometimes fewer steps is better.

Final Thoughts

And that concludes our roundup of the best premium plugins released in October. Fingers crossed you found something useful, and with price tags of under $25 each, you can introduce premium functionality to your WordPress website without breaking the bank.

With hundreds of new plugins released each month, it would be impossible to cover each one. Feel free to use the comments section to share your favorite plugins released this month. And as always, we’ll be back next month with five more premium plugins!

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