The Best Mapping Plugins For WordPress

The Best Mapping Plugins For WordPress

A contact page is much more useful with a map. A post about your favorite places for Chinese food is much easier to understand with a map full of pinpoints. A travel blog is that much more fun when you (and you readers) can see at a glance all the places you’ve been. There are many reasons to include maps on your WordPress site, and no matter what your reason is you should have an easy and efficient way to do just that.

Below is a roundup of some of the best mapping plugins available. We’ve included a good mix of free and premium plugins to help you map out whatever it is you need to. So grab a plugin and start creating lovely maps for your WordPress posts and pages. Adding maps to your website doesn’t get any easier!

Maps Marker Pro


Maps Marker Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that works with a variety of mapping systems – Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, OGD Vienna Maps and Bing Maps are all compatible. Plus you can upload your own custom maps to use (a great option if you’re using the plugin to add a mall map, a map of your hotel, a floor map of your wedding, or some other specialty type map). Other great features include custom map pins (800 icons included), marker layers, integrated address search, marker popup descriptions, an easy to use map shortcode and more.

Leaflet Maps Marker


Leaflet Maps Marker is a free WordPress plugin created by the makers of Maps Marker Pro. This freemium plugin is full of great features (although not as many as it’s premium version). Add Google maps, OpenStreetMap and Bing maps like a pro. With options for marker clusters, full-screen maps, custom styling, easy to use shortcodes and widgets plus more this is probably the best free maps plugin you can find.

Interactive World Maps


Interactive World Maps is a premium WordPress plugin that you can use to add large scale maps to your website. This plugin is perfect for showcasing where you’ve been in the world, documenting your various office location worldwide, or for listing global historical points of interest (7 wonders anyone?). Create your own customizable maps showing the entire world, or just a specific continent, country, state or (if in the USA) metropolitan area. Plus you can add interactive tooltips for each location to include additional information or even images.

MapPress Easy Google Maps


Map Press is a free WordPress plugin that uses the latest and greatest Google API so you can add maps to your posts and pages. The plugin works great with custom post types and multisite installations, plus it includes useful features such as shortcodes, street view support, custom text,real-time traffic and more. Plus if you ever decide you want more, there is a pro version you can upgrade to.

Progress Map


Progress Map is a premium WordPress plugin designed for listings. The idea is that you can add a variety of locations based on your website. This could be your favorite burger joint, your real estate listings, your hotel locations – anything goes. Plus, all the location you add will be shown on your awesome Google map and on a custom carousel just below the map. The plugin is easy to setup, has multiple map layouts, supports custom markers, works with mobile touch-swipe navigation and much more.

WP Google Maps


The free WP Google Maps plugin is a quick and simple way to add Google Maps to your WordPress site. Simply type in addresses to add markers (you can even click and drag markers into place), choose a map type (e.g. roadmap, satellite, etc.), and then use the included shortcode or widget to add your map to your site.

Map List Pro


Map List Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that would be a great addition to any WordPress website. With this plugin you can add detailed maps and lists that are searchable and sortable – so your readers can see your whole map, or just the bits and pieces they’re interested in. Plus Map List Pro comes preloaded with 25 different map styles, support for images, auto-zoom, custom markers, category markers and filters (as mentioned before).

Comprehensive Google Map


The Comprehensive Google Map WordPress plugin is a great free option to add maps to your website. The plugin has an intuitive interface so you can get started with your maps (and know what you’re doing) quickly. Plus the included 250 markers, configuration options, marker clusters, user’s location (adds your reader’s GPS location to the map – great when using the map on a contact page) and of course a super easy shortcode generator all make this plugin that much better.

5sec Google Maps PRO


5sec Google Maps PRO is a premium WordPress plugin with great mapping features. First off, the plugin includes a visual map builder so you can see your pins as you add them and make changes as needed. Then, to make things easier for you the developers included 10 unique skins, support for unlimited color overlays, 15 pin icons (plus the option to add custom icons), auto-language select and easy to use shortcodes. Plus you can add per-pin setting such as animations, tooltips, directions and more.

Symple Shortcodes: Google Maps


And, if all you want is a simple Google Map – checkout our free Symple Shortcodes WordPress plugin. The plugin makes it easy to insert maps by using the Symple map shortcode (all you have to do is add in the location title, address, height and the zoom), and it’s compatible with most WordPress themes (we recommend it for use with all of our free WordPress themes). It’s a great option to add basic single location Google Maps, as well as lots of other useful elements (buttons, accordions, social icons, and more), to your WordPress powered site.

mapifyit-wordpress-plugin is a premium WordPress plugin that is really one of the best ways to add a custom map to your website. This flexible mapping plugin makes it easy to add Google maps to your website, but you can get really creative with custom maps too. Add pins with tooltips to a group photo, include hotspots on a work of art – think outside the box! Plus the plugin includes plenty of animations, custom markers, video support, gallery options, lightboxes, multisite integration and more. It even includes a PSD file if you want to create a map mockup for a client before you get started.

WP Google Maps (Lite)


The WP Google Map free WordPress plugin is a great way to create unlimited maps with unlimited locations to add to your WordPress posts or pages. Use the various features in the plugin to create responsive maps with custom markers. The plugin even includes support for traffic, trail and terrain layers for even more mapping possibilities. Plus there is a pro version if you ever want added features (like custom skins, tables, contact forms, etc.).

Responsive Google Maps


Responsive Google Maps is a premium WordPress plugin that has been tested and styled to create pixel perfect maps for your WordPress website. Create maps based on coordinates or addresses, then use the handy shortcode to add your map to any post, page or other text area. There are a whopping 40 pre-defined color skins, 10 marker colors and a live map preview (so you can see what you’ve created).



The Easy2Map free WordPress plugin makes adding maps, well, easy. Just install the plugin and start building maps. You can drag and drop markers to add locations to your map, plus the plugin supports unlimited characters, custom HTML and even hyperlinks for each marker. Other features include custom markers/icons, zoom options, map sizing and more. And an easy to use shortcode to insert your masterpiece.

CP Google Maps


CP Google maps is a free WordPress plugin you can use to create custom Google Maps related to your content. You can add ad many locations as you need, and the plugin will even display additional related entries to your post. And that’s not all, you can add your own markers, embed the map in multiple languages and customize options such as the zoom, map type, margins, sizing and more.

Interactive Map Builder Plugin


The Interactive Map Builder plugin is a map building solution that will allow you to create beautiful and interactive maps for your website. It’s not your average plugin, Interactive Map Builder takes it too a whole new level so you can build custom maps that suit your specific needs.

Maps Builder Google Maps Plugin

The Maps Builder by WordImpress is a quick and intuitive way to create your own customizable Google maps for your website. Use the built-in features like the live map builder, Google Places integration, unique map market icons and of course super intuitive interface to build your maps in no time at all.

Mapplic Custom interactive Map WordPress Plugin

Mapplic is a premium interactive map plugin with advanced option for building a map for your business website. Create vector and image maps, add unlimited landmarks or floors, use the built-in country or world maps, add deep linking, and build fully responsive touch ready maps for anything!

Intergeo Google Maps Plugin by Themeisle

The Intergeo Google Maps plugin is a great way to build maps on your WordPress website. The plugin keeps it simple with option for position, zoom, controls, multiple locations, color styles and markers. Need more? They also offer a full premium version over at Themeisle.

Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

Advanced Google Maps for WordPress is just that – one of the most advanced and feature rich premium mapping plugins for WordPress. Add blogs posts with map pins, draw custom shapes as map highlights, create custom map skins, display multiple routes, add custom layers (traffic, transit, bicycle, etc), create clusters, add your own custom directions and so much more.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Even thought this free plugin is named the Basic Google Maps Placemarks plugin it really isn’t that simple – it’s just super simple to use. The plugin creates a custom post type for your maps that you can customize with icons, map type, zoom, placemarks, filters etc and then easily insert anywhere with a shortcode.


There you go – 20+ awesome WordPress mapping plugins that you can use to share your office locations, favorite places, local attractions and more. Have you used any of the above plugins? Let us know how it worked out for you, or if you have any recommendations.

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