Woocommerce Payment Gateway per Product Premium

Woocommerce Payment Gateway per Product Premium

This plugin for WooCommerce Payment Gateway per Product lets you select the available payment method for each individual product.
WooCommerce is a great shopping cart plugin that is readily available for WordPress. The creation of WooCommerce Payment Gateway per Product by Dreamfox Media, is considered one of the best plugins for payment gateways that is made directly for WooCommerce. This great plugin will let you  choose the payment methods that are available for your individual products.

What does the plugin actually do?

This particular plugin will let you or the admin to chose the individual payment methods for each product that is available. The admin will be able to choose the payment gateway that may be used at checkout for the individual products. If no choice is made by you or your admin then your default payment gateways are shown. E.G. : If you select PayPal to be the only payment method, then customers would only be able to pay via PayPal.

If your store has products that are only able to be picked up at the local store, or sell a service that has no shipping, then this great plugin is just what you need. If you select local delivery only, customers will be able to see that is local delivery only when checking out.

Even though they are not mind blowing features, they will help you to keep in mind what is need for your WooCommerce store. A great perk is that when you purchase it, you will have a year of upgrades and support. Here at Dreamfox Media, we will keep your shop fully optimized



So what features does this plugin have?

  1. Ability to set payment gateway for unlimited products
  2. Dutch and English language included
  3. 1 year of free support
  4. 1 year of free updates

You can see: they’re not world shocking features, but they help you focus on what’s needed for your WooCommerce based shop. And of course, when you buy it it comes with a year of support and upgrades. We’ll be sure to keep your shop optimized! For a list of recent changes, see the change-log.


Demo is available (frontend & Backend):
**View Demo @ our demo website

Our dedicated supportteam is 24/7 available to answer any question you have.
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