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WooCommerce payment gateway per product
WooCommerce payment gateway per product

WooCommerce Payment Gateway per Product is your primary solution if you want to create an individual payment gateway for each one of your products. With our help you will find it easier than ever before to make it easy to design a single gateway for every product. That makes it simpler and easier for customers to choose when and how to pay the way they want. It’s helpful, convenient and very reliable at the same time.

There are lots of customers which don’t have access to the desired payment method. They might want to pay for a product with a payment processor and for another product with a credit card. We help you eliminate the hassle and make it easier to pay as you see fit and without any worries, all while accessing the features you always wanted in a professional manner.


  • You can easily choose 2 different categories as you set gateways for every product.
  • You are allowed to set a payment gateway per product, but it must be in the selected category. We created an entirely new plugin if you want to create a payment gateway for each WooCommerce category, you can find it at WooCommerce Payment Gateway per Category.
  • Choosing the default payment gateway is fast, convenient and it delivers some great results every time.
  • We provide i18n ready translation support with the plugin.pot file
  • Complete WPML support via dedicated XML file
  • The WooCommerce Payment Gateway per Product plugin is translated in English and Dutch

We also have premium-exclusive features like:

  • Quick editing
  • Unlimited categories

Why should you use the WooCommerce Payment Gateway per Product plugin?

We believe that it’s very important to find a plugin which works great, one that allows customers to initiate a purchase the way they always wanted. And with this plugin you get to do that. You have complete control over the entire process and the experience is fully customized to suit your needs. We understand that it can be very confusing and challenging to complete some orders, and that’s why we are always focused on making things easier for customers.

With the WooCommerce Payment Gateway per Product, every product can have its own payment system and options. You can restrict certain products to a particular payment system if you want. Or you can be open and offer your customers the best possible results and experience no matter the situation. Nothing is impossible if you choose to make it easier for customers to acquire the stuff they want or need.

WooCommerce Payment Gateway per Product is the ultimate solution for ecommerce websites that are professional, resilient and very reliable. We know how tricky it is to buy or sell online, and we really want to eliminate the hassle. We make it easier for your store to sell items to customers and they get to pick how they want to pay without worries. Your WooCommerce store will get a lot more leads and customers if you use such a system, so check it out today!

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