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Announcing WPBeginner Growth Accelerator Fund (Round 2)

Last year, I decided to do something that was never done before in the WordPress community. I created the WPBeginner Growth Accelerator, first-ever growth fund focused entirely on WordPress businesses. Today, I want to take the exciting steps and open up the second round of applications as well as share the results from last year.

Introducing WPBeginner Growth Fund Round 2

Note: Applications will be closed on September 30, 2019

What is the WPBeginner Growth Accelerator Fund?

WPBeginner Growth Accelerator Fund is the first-ever growth fund focused entirely on WordPress focused businesses.

As part of this accelerator, we will invest between $100k to $2M in a small group of WordPress focused businesses. Along with the investment, we will work intensively with founders to refine and optimize their existing product / processes by using the Awesome Motive playbook.

Companies will also get to benefit from our vast media resources and the business network that we have built over the last decade.

The Story Behind WPBeginner Growth Accelerator

Over the last decade, we have spent a lot of time talking to users and figuring out how to make things people want. Usually we can see fairly quickly the direction in which an idea should be expanded to make the biggest impact.

It took us a long time to get to this level, and I would have never been here without the help of my mentors and other amazing entrepreneurs who were kind enough to share their wisdom with me.

This kind of mentorship is available in a lot of other verticals, but it’s not openly available in the WordPress business community.

A lot of WordPress entrepreneurs expressed interest in joining the Awesome Motive family, have me join their board, or getting an investment from me to fast-track their business growth. Few also expressed their frustrations about lack of investor interest in the space.

The problem is that the WordPress market is not very well understood by investors. And frankly, majority of WordPress businesses are not large enough to meet their criteria.

But this doesn’t mean that WordPress businesses don’t have the potential. It’s quite the opposite – they have a lot of potential. There are tons of opportunities to grow in the WordPress ecosystem with the right playbook, and I want to help prove that.

After a lot of thought and discussion, I decided to create the first WordPress-focused growth accelerator fund to help boost the WordPress small business community.

Results from Our First Round of Investments

In the first round (last year), I invested in 3 WordPress focused companies that represented 5 WordPress products including MemberPress, Pretty Links, Affiliate Royale, Formidable Forms, and SeedProd.

We worked closely with each founder to unlock tremendous growth in each businesses by optimizing the marketing strategy, improving internal processes, and even launching new products.

SeedProd launched a brand new product, RafflePress, which I can honestly say is the best WordPress giveaway plugin in the market.

MemberPress and Pretty Links saw tremendous growth in all areas including product, operations, and overall revenue. I’m really excited about the new product launches and features they’re going to be releasing (can’t share too much more).

Here’s a quote from Blair Williams, founder of MemberPress about his experience with the accelerator:

I’m so glad we joined the Growth Accelerator — it’s been awesome for our business! Not only have we had direct access to Syed but also the other companies in the Growth Accelerator & Awesome Motive. Having this type of ‘cross-pollination’ with these other companies and their seasoned owners in our industry has helped us take our business to the next level. We now have a clearer vision for the future, are operating much more efficiently, serving our customers better and seeing more success than ever before!

Formidable Forms has seen some amazing growth in both their product as well as business revenue. They released a brand new form building experience and a whole new website design. The new features they’re working on is very exciting because they’re continuing to push the limits of the advanced WordPress form experience.

We made a joint decision to not reveal revenue numbers or exact percentage growth since each company is privately held, but I can truly say that I’m very very happy with the growth.

Here’s a quote from Stephanie Wells, co-founder and lead developer of Formidable Forms:

Before joining up with Syed in the Accelerator program, I was burned out and in need of a change. We were growing slowly, but nothing I did seemed to make a difference. Within a month of working with Syed, we were gaining traction. For the first time, I was learning how to manage my team and company instead of just being the developer.

With an amazing, experienced advisor, I no longer feel like I’m paddling frantically in circles. When I lose focus or get distracted, our retreats and meetings get me back on course. The rest of the Awesome Motive and Accelerator companies have also proven to be an invaluable resource. I’m ridiculously lucky to get a piece of that endless resource of knowledge and experience.

I can proudly say that the last year has been huge success for all accelerator companies, and I’m really excited for our second bi-annual accelerator retreat coming up in two weeks where I get to spend time with these super smart and talented entrepreneurs whom I have an honor of calling my friends.

We’re going to close 2019 with a bang, and I’m really excited to see all the amazing new features and products that are in the pipeline for each accelerator company as well as my Awesome Motive portfolio companies.

Along with that, I’m also excited to open up the second round of the WPBeginner Growth Accelerator Fund for WordPress focused companies who’re looking to take their business to the next level.

How Does the Accelerator Work (Format and Philosophy)

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how does the Growth Accelerator work? The best way to answer that is by sharing our philosophy as well as the format we use.

Our Philosophy

We know that independence is one of the main reasons why people want to create a business in the first place, and it’s also one of the reasons why businesses succeed. Our goal is to interfere as little as possible with the day to day.

We believe that founders of WordPress-focused companies are great at hacking. We want to empower them with our framework and resources to do just that.

Most investors offer a combination of money and help. In our case, money is by far the smaller component. We want to share our experience, knowledge, and resources (collectively “needle-movers”) to help founders unlock extreme revenue growth.

We will offer a lot of advice, but we will never force anyone to take it.

The kind of advice that we will give literally can’t be bought because very few companies have the WordPress-specific insights like we do. And those that do are not in the business of consulting.


Me along with other Awesome Motive partners will hand-pick a small group of WordPress companies to invest and work with. And no, we won’t ask you to move to the Bay Area or another big city.

If you have an existing WordPress focused business, then you can apply here.

We will review your application and invite the most promising companies to have a series of conversations with us. We will make our funding decision shortly after that.

Once funded, we will work closely with you to identify the growth levers in your business and help you implement the right processes to take your business to the next level.

Below are some of the benefits that you will have access to:

  • Our playbooks for product development, growth, and operations.
  • Office Hours with Awesome Motive Partners (including me)
  • Office Hours with Other Industry Experts
  • Bi-Annual Mastermind Meetings
  • Exposure on our media properties and access to our PR team
  • Private Founders Slack

How to Apply

If you already have a WordPress-focused business, then you can fill out the application below.

Important Note: this fund is for existing WordPress-focused businesses (i.e WordPress plugins, themes, and services) that have been around for at least six months.

Deadline: Applications will be closed on September 30th, 2019

All information you submit below are confidential. We are also open to signing a NDA if that helps – simply ask in the request below :)

Final Thoughts

I am committed to the WordPress ecosystem, and I have two main goals with this fund:

  1. Help WordPress-focused companies succeed
  2. Help introduce more user-focused WordPress products

If you like a specific WordPress products that you think we should invest in, then please reach out to them and let them know about the growth accelerator fund.

Yours Truly,
Syed Balkhi
Founder of WPBeginner

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WPBeginner Turns 10 Years Old – Reflections, Updates, and a WordPress Giveaway ($124,000+ in Prizes)

Wow, it’s the tenth fourth. Today, WPBeginner is officially 10 years old — feels unreal to type this!

Like every year, I want to take a few minutes and do a quick recap of all the major things happening in business as well as my personal life.

Bonus: I’m also doing a huge WordPress giveaway with over $124,000+ in prizes from my favorite WordPress products and services.

On top of that, you can also win our exclusive WPBeginner 10th anniversary shirt, and an all expense paid trip to visit me in Palm Beach, FL to get 1-on-1 mentorship from me.

Yes, there are two separate giveaways happening (Birthday Giveaway and Ultimate Fan Giveaway)

WPBeginner Turns 10 Years Old

Since this is a long article, you can easily skip to the section you’re most interested in:

  • Personal Updates
  • WPBeginner Updates
  • Product Updates
  • WPBeginner Stories
  • Birthday Giveaway
  • Ultimate Fan Giveaway

WPBeginner Story

I started using WordPress when I was 16 years old and started WPBeginner at age 19 with a single mission: make WordPress easy for beginners.

Since then WPBeginner has become the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners.

For those of you who’re new, you can read the full WPBeginner story on our about page and use the Start Here page to get the most out of WPBeginner.

Personal Updates

My son, Solomon, is now 2.5 years old. He’s growing up fast and I’m enjoying every bit of time with him. Amanda (my wife) and Solomon have been joining me on a lot of my business trips, and we have taken several fun trips as well.

Since the last WPBeginner anniversary post, we went to Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Mexico (Tulum, Punta Mita, Cozumel, Costa Maya), Canada, and did several trips within USA including the memorable roadtrip through Utah where we saw the top national parks.

Syed, Amanda, and Solomon

Last week, we did our all company retreat in Orlando, FL where we celebrated WPBeginner’s 10th birthday a bit early. Here are some photos from that:

WPBeginner Retreat Photo

WPBeginner Updates

Going into the 10th year, WPBeginner has continued to grow in double-digit percentage (year over year). Aside from tons of amazing WordPress tutorials on our blog, there have been several notable updates from last year, that I’d like to highlight.

1. We launched the WPBeginner Engage Facebook Group

WPBeginner Engage - Facebook Group

A lot of you have been asking for this, so last week we finally launched our Facebook Group.

WPBeginner Engage is a great place to share and learn tips for using WordPress while getting to know other users.

Aside from peer-to-peer support and knowledge sharing, we are also going to be doing exclusive prizes and giveaways through out the year.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and join the WPBeginner Facebook Group. I look forward to connecting with you :)

2. New Hosting Infrastructure

In celebration of WPBeginner’s 10th birthday, I got a nice present from our WordPress hosting partner, HostGator. They completely overhauled our hosting infrastructure to make it even more robust and fast.

Here’s an overview of what the new setup looks like:

WPBeginner Hosting Infrastructure

I will be doing a more detailed write up on this in the coming weeks to explain how cool it is, and the performance improvements we have seen.

The additional server resources will be very helpful with our upcoming new tools section on WPBeginner.

I have been a HostGator customer since 2007, and WPBeginner website has been hosted with them since day 1 (see my full HostGator review). I want to thank their entire team that helped us with the upgrade.

Note: WPBeginner is using a custom HostGator cloud setup (not shared hosting). We started with shared hosting when we were small, but as our website grew, we upgraded to the higher plans.

3. Free Courses on YouTube + 141,305+ subscribers

Many of you already know that I’m obsessed with our YouTube channel.

We recently passed 141,305 subscribers.

On top of creating video tutorials for our blog posts, we are now creating exclusive YouTube only content.

Think of these as free mini-courses on: how to grow your email list, how to make money blogging, how to get better at SEO, etc.

WPBeginner YouTube Preview

Seriously, check out all the awesome work our team is doing on YouTube (specially the new Playlists area).

4. Instagram and Pinterest

Several of you asked me why WPBeginner is not on other social media networks outside of Twitter and Facebook.

I didn’t have a good answer because I knew that we should be on these social networks.

Well now we are.

If you love Pinterest, then you can follow WPBeginner on Pinterest to learn about WordPress as well as see other business related tips in our various boards.

If you like using Instagram, then please follow WPBeginner on Instagram to stay up to date with WordPress tips as well as exclusive videos / stories from me.

5. WPBeginner Growth Accelerator Fund

Last year, I created the first ever WordPress focused Growth Accelerator Fund.

The goal was simple: invest in WordPress product and service companies to help them grow their business while creating amazing products for our users.

My first investments as part of the growth fund included: MemberPress, Pretty Links, Affiliate Royale, Formidable Forms, and SeedProd.

Working closely with and mentoring such talented entrepreneurs have been an extremely rewarding experience for me.

WPBeginner Growth Accelerator Mastermind

I plan to open up the growth accelerator applications again next month for our second round of investments. If you have a WordPress focused product or service business, and want to work closely with me, then make sure you subscribe to WPBeginner.

Product Updates

One of the questions that I often get asked via our contact form is what is WPBeginner’s income, and how does WPBeginner make money by giving away all WordPress tutorials for free.

Well, we make money indirectly through our suite of premium WordPress plugins that are now running on over 9 million websites.


WPForms is our drag & drop WordPress form builder plugin which turned 3 years old earlier this year.

It is now being used by over 2 million websites and has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating average with over 4200 five star ratings.

This past year, we introduced distraction-free Form Landing Pages and Conversational Forms, two of my favorite addons.

Aside from that, we worked with Google to make WPForms AMP friendly. We also added several powerful features like AJAX form submission, Google reCAPTCHA v3, smart email field, smart phone field, tons of language translations, and a whole lot more.

You can download the free version of WPForms or get WPForms Pro to unlock even more powerful features.


MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It helps you see all the stats that matter right inside your WordPress dashboard.

This past year, we added several new features to MonsterInsights including expanded page insights, front-end page insights, easy scroll-depth tracking, automatic integrations for ThirstyAffiliates, Pretty Links, LifterLMS, and MemberPress, along with many other powerful features.

MonsterInsights is my most favorite plugin in the world because it helps me easily setup analytics, so I can make data-driven decisions and grow our business with confidence.

You can download the free version of MonsterInsights or get MonsterInsights Pro to unlock more powerful features.


OptinMonster is the best WordPress plugin to convert regular website visitors into subscribers and customers.

Simply put, it helps you get more email subscribers.

This year we added several exciting features into OptinMonster including: Spin a Wheel gamification campaigns, attention activation, Monster Leads, chatbot integrations, and a whole lot more.

OptinMonster truly is the #1 most powerful conversion optimization toolkit in the world. It will help you instantly boost leads and grow revenue by converting and monetizing your existing website traffic.


TrustPulse is the best social proof activity notification app in the world.

You have likely seen activity notifications on various websites (specially eCommerce) where they say John from Florida just bought X product.

These social proof notifications can immediately increase your website conversions. Learn more about how TrustPulse work.

You can get started with TrustPulse for free to see the uplift in conversion.

WPBeginner Stories

Several of my friends and well-known entrepreneurs were kind enough to record short videos about WPBeginner’s 10th birthday. Thank you so much y’all, it means a lot to me :)

Over 12 videos in the playlist so far!

Mega WPBeginner Birthday Giveaway

To celebrate the 10th birthday of WPBeginner, I asked my favorite WordPress plugins, themes, and hosting companies to contribute prizes, and the response was just amazing.

We have $124,000+ worth of premium WordPress plugins, themes, and hosting licenses. There are over 735+ prizes, so yes there will be literally over 700 winners (scroll below to see all prizes).

Winners will be chosen randomly using a random generator script.

All you have to do is enter the giveaway using the widget below:

iframe width: 100%; height: 800px; .iframe_loading background-image: url('') !important; background-repeat: no-repeat !important; background-position: center 100px !important; height: 100%;
iFrameResize( log: false , '#rafflepress-1');

Remember we’re doing two separate giveaways. Above is the birthday giveaway where you can enter to win prizes from top WordPress plugins, themes, and hosting companies.

The ultimate fan giveaway where you can win an all expense paid trip + 1-on-1 mentorship from me requires separate entry. Click here to see more details.

Full List of Prizes for WPBeginner Birthday Giveaway:

We have over 70 companies that contributed prizes for our birthday giveaway. Below is the full list of prizes available:

WordPress Hosting:

10 annual licenses of the following hosting products:

  • 1 year of Shared Plus Hosting from Bluehost
  • 1 year of Standard WordPress Cloud Hosting from HostGator
  • 1 year of GoGeek Hosting Plan from SiteGround
  • 1 year of Startup Hosting Plan from WP Engine
  • 1 year of Unlimited Shared Hosting from Dreamhost
  • 1 year of Lite Hosting Plan from A2 Hosting

WordPress Plugins:

10 annual licenses of the following premium WordPress plugins:

OptinMonster / WPForms / MonsterInsights / SeedProd / MemberPress / Pretty Links / Affiliate Royale / AdSanity / AAWP / Advanced Coupons / Advanced Custom Fields Pro / Affiliate Coupons / All in One SEO Pack / Beaver Builder / BirchPress / Blogvault / Booking Robin / Churnly / Complianz GDPR / CSS Hero / Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce / Delivery Fees for WooCommerce / Envira Gallery / Full Text Search / Google Fonts for WordPress / Imagely / InfiniteWP / LifterLMS / Malcare / Maps Maker / ProfilePress / PublishPress / Revive Social / Soliloquy / Start Booking / Sugar Calendar / ThirstyAffiliates / UpdraftPlus / Visual Composer / Weglot / Widget Options / WP Rocket / WPML / WP Security Audit Log / Yoast SEO Pro

5 annual licenses of the following premium WordPress plugins:

Formidable Forms / Ultimate Member / Groundhogg / WP Dispensary

WordPress Themes:

10 annual licenses of the following premium WordPress themes:

Astra Theme / Elegant Themes / ThemeIsle / Themify / CSSIgniter / Anariel Design / AccessPress Themes / Organized Themes / Pankogut Themes / Pixelemu / PremiumCoding / Visual Modo / WPZoom / MH Themes / Blogging Theme Styles

Services and Training:

Following companies have donated 10 licenses of their services / training:

Sucuri / LiveChat Inc / ShortPixel / WP Allied / Mfy Messenger Bot Automation / Gutenberg Course by Creator Courses

WPBeginner Swag:

We will also be giving away 100 WPBeginner stickers + our exclusive 10th anniversary shirt.

Syed Wearing WPBeginner T-Shirt

Ultimate WPBeginner Fan Giveaway

Over the last 10 years, I have had the pleasure to meet thousands of WPBeginner readers across the world and learn their WPBeginner story. It’s extremely motivating to hear the impact WPBeginner has on so many people’s careers and businesses.

During these in-person meetings, many of you ask about how I manage multiple companies, my traffic / growth strategy, and in general how everything runs behind the scenes.

That’s why this year, I want to do something special that I have never done before. I’m calling it the ultimate WPBeginner fan giveaway.


All expense paid trip for one WPBeginner reader to visit me in Palm Beach, Florida. You will get to spend time with me, get 1-on-1 mentorship + business advice, and enjoy my favorite food / places.

Included in this are:

  • Roundtrip Flight from anywhere in the world*
  • 3 nights hotel stay
  • Meals and Transportation through the duration of your stay
  • Free license for all WPBeginner products

* You must have a valid visa to travel to USA, and you must be 18 years old.

How to Enter:

I want to hear your WPBeginner story.

Tell me where you’re from, how did you first find out about WPBeginner, what have you learned from WPBeginner, what impact has it had on your blog, business, or career, and lastly tell me about your blog / business + your aspirations.

1. Record a short video sharing your WPBeginner story and upload it on YouTube (public or unlisted). Don’t worry about making it professional quality. It can be as simple as you holding your phone camera up and recording.

2. Send me the YouTube video link using the form below.

Unlike the birthday giveaway, winner is NOT chosen randomly. I will watch each video and hand-pick the winner based on your WPBeginner story.

The deadline to submit your WPBeginner story is: July 19th, 2019 Midnight EST.

Please add your YouTube video link along with any message that you may want to send.

Thank You Everyone

I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us in this journey. I really do appreciate all of your retweets, personal emails, content suggestions, and the in-person hugs / interactions at the events.

You all are AMAZING and without you, there is no WPBeginner.

I look forward to another solid year ahead of us.

Syed Balkhi
Founder of WPBeginner

P.S. We’re hiring for several roles as our company grows. If you or someone you know would be interested in being part of our fast-growing team, then please apply here.

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Best of Best WordPress Tutorials of 2018 on WPBeginner

The year 2018 is about to come to an end. It was a great year overall for WPBeginner, WordPress community, and for many of our users who started new websites and businesses. We want to thank all of you for your continued support of WPBeginner.

To continue our tradition, in this article, we will share our staff-pick of the best of best WordPress tutorials on WPBeginner. We will also share an overview of the success that our team had in 2018.

Best of the best WordPress tutorials of 2018

WPBeginner Recap 2018 by Syed Balkhi

Like every year, 2018 has been the best year ever for me both personally and professionally.

WPBeginner YouTube channel passed over 100,000 subscribers (currently at 122k subscribers). This was one of my goals for 2018, and I’m very glad that we met it.

We switched WPBeginner to HTTPS and added Browser Push Notification. In the last 6 months, we have added over 260,000+ users in our push list. This has been a great new traffic source for the blog.

In August, I launched the WPBeginner growth accelerator fund, which is the first-ever growth fund focused entirely on WordPress businesses.

WPBeginner Growth Accelerator Fund

Over 90 companies applied to receive investment and mentoring (which is quite humbling).

I completed the first round and invested in some amazing WordPress products including: MemberPress, Pretty Links, Affiliate Royale, Formidable Forms, and SeedProd.

If you’re interested in learning more, then check out this blog post where I shared some behind the scenes details.

2018 was a great year for WPBeginner’s family of products.

WPForms passed over 1 million active installs and it’s now one of the top 25 most popular WordPress plugins of all time. Considering that we only launched it in 2016, it’s amazing to see how far we have come.

We added a lot of powerful features in WPForms including: surveys & polls, form permissions (form locker), conditional form confirmations, Stripe recurring payments, Drip addon, rating fields, likert scale, NPS fields, image choice fields, custom input masks, better terms of service field, GDPR compatibility, Gutenberg compatibility, and so much more.

WPForms is the most beginner friendly WordPress form plugin, and that’s why it has continued to maintain a 4.9 out of 5 star rating average with over 3000+ five star ratings (read WPForms user reviews).

Not using WPForms yet? You can try the free version and then upgrade to Pro when you’re ready.

MonsterInsights, the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, passed over 2 million active installs.

We launched a brand new Overview report inside WordPress dashboard. We also created customized reports for Publishers and Ecommerce websites, so you can see the stats that really matter. We added several other reports as well including: Search Console report, Form Conversion report, and Custom Dimensions report.

MonsterInsights has become one of my most favorite plugins in 2018 because it helps me grow our business with confidence. I sincerely believe that it’s easy to double your traffic and sales when you know exactly how people find and use your website. MonsterInsights helps me make data-driven decisions to grow our business.

OptinMonster, our flagship conversion optimization software, continued to push the limits in 2018. We launched version 5.0 which added a brand new drag & drop campaign builder and a revamped display rules engine, so you can create more personalized campaigns.

Aside from the big release, we also released several new campaign templates, email conversion summaries, a new beta program, and my favorite Smart Tags feature.

Smart Tags basically makes dynamic personalization easy. Previously OptinMonster offered this feature as part of our API, but it required coding.

Now you can add personalization like user’s name, location (country, city, state, etc), time, and other items inside your OptinMonster campaign to boost conversions without writing any code.

Our free plugin WP Mail SMTP also passed the 1 million active installs mark.

In October 2018, I sold my popular List25 blog, so I can better focus on our WordPress and software business.

List25 was a side project that I started in college as an experiment. In 2018, we passed 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube and had 570 million total video views.

This blog never fit into what we did at Awesome Motive, but I kept it for as long as I did for sentimental values. Not to mention, it did generate a pretty good side income.

As for personal life, 2018 was a great year for my family. My son, Solomon, turned 2 years old. It’s been quite fun to watch him grow. We traveled to 6 countries this year. Solomon attended 1 WordCamp in 2018 (WordCamp Miami). His two favorite letters in the alphabet are W and P. Surprisingly it took me a while to catch that, and of course that makes sense considering most of the shirts I wear are WordPress branded. Below is a picture of our family, since I know many of you often ask for it.

Syed Balkhi Family Photo 2018

If you want to see more of my personal journey, then please check out my 2018 Year in Review blog post on my personal blog. It has everything that happened to me in 2018 both personally & professionally along with lessons that I learned, and my goals for 2019.

With that said, let’s take a look at the best of WPBeginner in 2018.

Best WPBeginner Tutorials in 2018

We published some really useful guides, tutorials, and how-tos throughout 2018. Here are some of our favorites.


What’s the difference between domain name and web hosting – We started the year with a beginner’s guide explaining the difference between domain name and web hosting. Many beginners often confuse the two terms, so we thought it is about time we explain the difference to help users understand the web basics.

How to send email in WordPress using the Gmail SMTP Server – Often WordPress websites fail to send emails because of poor configuration of email functions on their WordPress hosting servers. In this article, we showed an easier solution to the problem by sending WordPress emails using Gmail SMTP server.

Shopify vs WooCommerce – Which is the better platform? – Many beginners who want to start an online store often struggle in choosing between two of the most popular eCommerce platforms, Shopify and WooCommerce. In this article, we compared both platforms side-by-side for their features, ease-of-use, pricing, and flexibility to help you choose the best eCommerce platform for your online store.

16 Best Alternatives to the WordPress Jetpack Plugin – As your website grows, you will likely need to expand beyond the basic functionality of the Jetpack plugin suite. That’s why we created a list of the best Jetpack alternatives for specific features.


How to create an online course with WordPress using LearnDash – Selling online courses is becoming a common way for bloggers to make money online. In this guide, we explained how to easily create an online course using LearnDash with step by step instructions.

How to create a survey in WordPress – Surveys are a great way to gather valuable information from your users and use it to grow your business. In this step by step guide, we showed you how to create a survey in WordPress with beautiful interactive reports.

How to create a micro-job website like Fiverr with WordPress – Fiverr is a popular marketplace. This tutorial allows you to create a micro-job website like Fiverr and allow users to offer their services on your website, so you can earn a commission when jobs are completed.

How to fix the Mixed Content Error in WordPress – Mixed content error in WordPress is caused by incorrect HTTPs/SSL settings. While it may not affect your website’s functionality, it can have adverse affects on your website’s SEO and user experience. This guide helps you fix that.

How to add a stats dashboard on your WordPress site – Step by step guide on how to see your website stats inside your WordPress dashboard.


How to create an online marketplace using WordPress – A marketplace website allows your users to buy and sell items by setting up their own mini-stores within your eCommerce website for a fee. It is one of the fastest growing eCommerce categories with many opportunities for small niche marketplaces. In this guide, we showed you how to create your own online marketplace using WordPress with step by step instructions.

How to build an auction site like eBay using WordPress – An auction website allows users to bid on products to purchase them. This helps you to maximize profits and you can even allow other users to run their own auctions on your website for a fee. In this article, we showed you how to easily create an eBay like auction site using WordPress without any special technical skills.

How to sell ads on your WordPress blog – Online ads are one of the most popular ways to make money from your website. In this step by step beginner’s guide, we showed you how to properly sell ads on your WordPress blog and how to maximize your ad earnings.

Best online grammar checker tools for WordPress – Modern browsers come with built-in spellcheck but there is no way to check for grammar or readability. We hand-picked the best online grammar checker tools to help you write better blog posts for your website.

11 most important pages that every WordPress blog should have – Ever wondered what are the most important pages that you must have? As you go into 2019, make sure you have these important pages on your blog.


The ultimate affiliate marketing guide for beginners – Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful ways to monetize WordPress websites. In this beginner’s guide, we explained affiliate marketing, how it works, and showed step by step instructions to get started with affiliate marketing.

How to enable customer tracking in WooCommerce with Google Analytics – Customer tracking helps you understand user behavior and improve shopping experience on your website for maximum conversions. In this guide, we showed how you can enable WooCommerce tracking with Google Analytics and unlock this invaluable information.

Best WordPress job board plugins and themes – We hand-picked some of the best plugins and themes that you can use to add a job board to your WordPress website.

Revealed: Which are the most popular types of blogs? – This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get from new users who’re looking to start a blog. This article should help you find the best niche for your website.


The ultimate guide to WordPress and GDPR Compliance – The EU’s GDPR law made most website owners concerned about how it would affect them. In this guide, we explained everything you need to know about GDPR compliance in plain English.

How to easily accept credit card payments in WordPress – Many beginners want to accept credit card payments on their website without adding a shopping cart. In this article, we showed you how to easily accept credit card payments in WordPress without using a full-fledged eCommerce platform.

Best content marketing tools and plugins for WordPress – Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to get search traffic to your website. We shared our pick of the best content marketing tools and plugins for WordPress to create a killer content strategy for your website.

Ultimate list of WordPress stats, facts, and other research – Need to convince your boss or someone else in your organization to use WordPress? Here some stats, facts, and research that will help.

How to register a Domain Name (+ tip to get it for free) – Beginner’s guide on what is a domain name, how to register one, and a bonus tip on how to get it for free.


How to do keyword research for your WordPress blog – In this article, we explained what is keyword research and how you can use it to find blog post ideas, improve SEO rankings, and get more traffic for your WordPress blog.

Wix vs WordPress – Which one is better? – Wix is a popular website builder that helps you create websites without any programming skills. In this article, we compared Wix vs WordPress with pros and cons of both platforms to determine which one is better.

How to create a free business email address – A business email address uses your company name and looks a lot more professional than a generic Gmail or Hotmail account. In this step by step guide, we showed you how to easily create a free business email address in 5 minutes.

Best analytics solutions for WordPress users – Website analytics help you find out where your users are coming from and what they do on your site. In this showcase, we shared our pick of the best analytics solutions that you can use on your WordPress website.

How to allow users to upload images in WordPress comments – By default WordPress doesn’t let users upload images in comments. If you want to allow your readers to upload images in comments similar to Facebook comments, then here’s a step by step tutorial to do that.


18 most important things you need to do after installing WordPress – Starting a new WordPress site? Here’s a checklist that we recommend you follow after you have installed WordPress.

How to properly move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS – In July, Google announced that Chrome browser will mark all websites without an SSL certificate as insecure. This beginner’s guide shows you how to properly switch WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS.

How to choose the best domain registrar – Domain registrars are the companies responsible for registering and managing all domain names in the world. Choosing the right domain registrar will help you avoid additional costs and have full control of your domain. In this guide, we shared the best domain registrars that you can choose from.

Proven and easy to start online business ideas – If you are looking for a business idea that you can start online and start making money, then this guide is for you. We shared easy to start online business ideas that actually make money and do not cost much to start.

How to import external images in WordPress – Extremely useful guide for those who’re switching domain names or moving websites from another platform to WordPress.


How to create an IDX real estate website using WordPress – Many of our users wanted to build a functional real estate website using WordPress. In this tutorial, we showed how to easily build an IDX real estate website using WordPress without spending a fortune.

How to protect your WordPress site from brute force attacks – Brute force attacks can slow down a website, make it inaccessible, and even crack passwords to install malware. In this article, we showed you how to effectively protect your WordPress install against brute force attacks.

How to fix common SSL issues in WordPress – Some of our users wanted to know how to fix issues when moving their website from HTTP to HTTPs. In this beginner’s guide, we shared how to fix common SSL issues in WordPress.

Best WordPress caching plugin to speed up your website – One of the fastest ways to speed up your WordPress site is to install a caching plugin. This article highlights the best WordPress caching plugins.

How to create an Etsy-Like store with WordPress – Tired of paying Etsy’s high transaction fees? Here’s a step by step guide on how to create an Etsy-Like store in WordPress, and how to properly move an existing Etsy store to WordPress.


How to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google rankings – We did a massive rewrite of one of our most popular articles on the website. Want to switch from Blogger to WordPress? We’ve got you covered.

How to take a screenshot for your blog posts (Ultimate Guide) – This step by step guide covers 6 different methods to taking screenshots for your blog posts. Bonus Power Tip that helps you quickly create screencasts and animated GIFs.

Top reasons why WordPress sites get hacked – One of the most common myths about WordPress is that it is less secure. WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world, and that’s why it is often the biggest target of any hacking attempts. In this guide, we shared the top reasons why WordPress sites get hacked and how you can easily prevent it from happening on your site.

How to properly move from Squarespace to WordPress – Many people who start their websites using Squarespace quickly realize the limitations of that platform and want to move. In this article, we shared how to move your website from Squarespace to WordPress.

How to disable Gutenberg and keep the WordPress Classic Editor – A lot of users are not happy with WordPress 5.0 block editor (Gutenberg). This article shows you how to disable Gutenberg and keep the classic editor.


40 most common WordPress errors and how to fix them – This ultimate guide is worth bookmarking because it has solutions for fixing 40 of the most common WordPress errors.

How to style the WordPress comment form – This guide is theme designer’s dream come true. It covers all the things you need to customize your WordPress comment form.

Ways to recover WooCommerce abandoned cart sales – More than 67% of users on an eCommerce stores abandon their carts without checking out. In this guide, we showed you how to recover those WooCommerce abandoned cart sales and grow your business more efficiently.

How to move your site from Joomla to WordPress – Joomla is a popular CMS software, much like WordPress but with a much smaller user base. In this step by step tutorial, we showed how to easily move your site from Joomla to WordPress.

How to check keyword rankings for your WordPress blog posts – You work hard on improving WordPress SEO and creating great content but how do you know if your site is doing well? In this beginner’s guide, we showed you how to check if your blog posts are ranking for the right keywords.

How to show your business review from Google, Facebook, and Yelp in WordPress – Want to add social proof to your business website? This plugin easily lets you display positive reviews about your business from social media right on your WordPress site.


Ultimate WooCommerce SEO Guide – Search is the most important source of traffic for most online stores. In this beginner’s guide, we showed you how to improve WooCommerce SEO with step by step instructions to rank higher in Google.

10 website marketing data you must track on your site – Instead of relying on your best guesses to make important marketing decisions, we showed you which website marketing data you must track on every WordPress site from day 1.

How to use user-generated content in WordPress – Use generated content allows you to add content created and generated by user activity on your website. In this tutorial, we showed you how to properly utilize user-generated content in WordPress to grow your business.

15 tips to grow your business online with a small budget – Most businesses who are just starting out don’t have big marketing budgets. In this guide, we shared our expert tips on growing your business online without spending a lot of money.

How to clone a WordPress (in 7 easy steps) – Moving a WordPress site to a new web host? Switching to a new domain? Or just want to create a staging site? Here’s a step by step guide on how to easily clone your WordPress site.


Using Google Search Console to grow website traffic – Google Search console is an incredibly powerful tool that offers tons of useful information that you can use to grow your website and get more traffic. In this beginner’s guide, we showed you how to properly use Google Search Console to grow your website traffic.

Best free website hosting compared – Many beginners who just want a quick website often want to start with a free website hosting company. In this article, we shared our pick of the best almost free and free website hosting companies and how they stack up against each other.

How to properly move from Medium to WordPress – Medium is a free writing platform but it is not exactly a flexible website builder like WordPress. In this step by step tutorial, we showed you how to easily move from Medium to WordPress.

How to use the new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg tutorial) – In WordPress 5.0, the classic content editor was replaced by a brand new block editor called Gutenberg. To answer user questions, we published the comprehensive Gutenberg block editor tutorial that walks you through the new editor and how to use it like a pro.

Best live chat software for small business – Our expert comparison of the best live chat software for small businesses.

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